The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation is committed to addressing the growing problem of inequality by providing participating entrepreneurs and communities with the skills and market access needed to use responsible tourism as a catalyst for social and economic change. To achieve our goal we focus on two key areas:
Developmental – In partnership with selected businesses, institutions, NGOs and individuals, we provide the basic English language and business skills needed to establish viable local economies and assist in developing non-tourism reliant second revenue streams. 
Structural – In collaboration with the Responsible Tourism Alliance, we address the fundamental problems in the industry caused primarily by the commission-based booking model that so disenfranchises the micro and small tourist business operator and allows a monopoly over market access, inhibiting the potential use of tourism as a development tool.
Our Philosophy towards development guides us in our approach towards providing a symbiotic relationship between communities and participating groups or individuals who volunteer on or provide support for VWB projects. The emphasis is not on ‘giving back’, it is on ‘paying it forward’, using the tools and resources at our collective disposal to implement an integrated set of solutions aimed at creating a better, more equitable future for all, one that puts people and the planet over profit.
We have created a series of integrated solutions that address key challenges facing these communities and provide the basis from which their local leaders can take control of and define their own progress.

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