Fixed Departure Programmes

Saturday School Project - Introduction. (Read more /read less.)


There are about twenty primary schools in the area surrounding the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre. Initially, our focus will be on encouraging only Grade 4 students from these schools to attend our Saturday school ESL classes, before expanding our programme to include grade 5 and 6.

Our lessons will both complement the ESL school programme and our play structures will reinforce the vocabulary and language structures. 

In today’s world, skills like critical thinking, creative problem-solving and collaboration, together with attributes like imagination and compassion, are critical to a child's full development into a healthy, well-functioning adult.

In addition to complementing and supporting the school ESL curriculum, we aim to provide an environment that promotes these skills and attributes. We also know that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Our programme combines mental and physical activity. Cooperative games, organized activities focused on having fun and team building emphasise small or whole groups tackling challenges together.

In rural and semi-rural schools, students have even less exposure to English than they would have in urban areas. The government does not subsidise Kindergarten. The Primary ESL programme comprises 3 x 45 minute periods a week and only a small proportion of a school’s budget is allocated towards the purchase of an approved range textbooks. This means the schools in our area will not necessarily have the same textbooks - in the absence of a country-wide curriculum, teachers refer to the textbook as ‘the syllabus’.

We have established a good relationship with schools in our area and have witnessed, first-hand, teachers who work hard to hone their craft despite the limited ESL class time.

We have surveyed the Grade 4 textbooks on the market and have focused on common themes in these books, identifying the vocabulary language structures within these themes and developing our own lessons from these. Our focus is primarily on the development of oral skills incorporating activities and games and to achieve our objectives.

‘Games… employ meaningful and useful language in real contexts. They also encourage and increase cooperation.’ Aydan Ersoz, The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. VI, No. 6, June 2000.)

‘The learners want to take part and in order to do so must understand what others are saying or have written, and they must speak or write in order to express their own point of view or give information.' From 'Games for Language Learning'. Andrew Wright et al. 1984 CUP

Each Saturday school session will begin with activities that revise the vocabulary and language structures learned on the previous Saturday.


The Volunteer Programme - Departure Dates & Duration. (Read more/read less.)

Departure dates 2018.

Every Friday starting January 5th 2018..

Programme Duration - There are three options. The programme start day (Friday) and the main content (Teaching English) is the same for each of them but volunteers may choose to depart on the Saturday, Sunday or Monday as follows:

The Short Programme - 2 days & 1 night

  • Duration: Friday 0900 hrs. -  Saturday 1730 hrs.
  • Highlights:
    Bai See Welcome Ceremony.
    2 hrs of ESL training.
    4 hrs ESL interactive teaching assistance.
    Certificate of thanks.
  • Transfers: In and out by minibus.
  • Meals: Lunch x 2. Dinner x 1. Breakfast x 1.
  • Accommodation: Single, Twin or Triple.
  • Supervision: By Track of the Tiger & VWB Staff.
  • Insurance: Basic cover provided.

The Intermediate Programme - 3 days & 2 nights

  • Duration: Friday 0900 hrs. -  Sunday 1730 hrs.
  • Highlights:
    Bai See Welcome Ceremony.
    2 hrs of ESL training.
    4 hrs ESL interactive teaching assistance.
    Certificate of thanks.
    Thai cooking course.
    Lecture/discussion by visiting local expert.
    A full day responsible tourism programme on the Sanpatog Tourist Route.
  • Transfers- In out and on excursions by minibus.
  • Meals: Breakfasts x 3, Lunches x 3, Dinners x 2.
  • Accommodation: Single, Double, Triple.
  • Supervision: By Track of the Tiger & VWB Staff.
  • Insurance: Basic cover provided.

The Full Programme - 4 days & 3 nights

  • Duration: Friday 0900 hrs. -  Monday 1730 hrs.
  • Highlights:
    Bai See Ceremony.
    2hrs of ESL training
    4 hrs of interactive teaching assistance.
    Certificates of thanks.
    Thai cooking course.
    Lecture/discussion by visiting local expert.
    Temple Alms giving visit.
    Community service project.
  • Transfers: In out and on excursions by minibus.
  • Meals: Breakfasts x 4, Lunches x 4, Dinners x 3.
  • Accommodation: Single, Double or Triple.
  • Supervision: By Track of the Tiger & VWB Staff.
  • Insurance: Basic cover provided.

The Programme Itinerary  - Short, Intermediate & Full Programme Options (Read more / read less.)



0900 hrs. You are collected by an English speaking guide, and travel the 40 minutes out to the Sanpatong Farm Stay by Minibus.

1000 hrs. Check in to your accommodation. Meet other volunteers.

1100 hrs. Safety, Protocol & Programme briefing.



1200 hrs. Lunch (Thai style buffet.)

1300 hrs. Bai See Welcome ceremony by village elders.

1400 hrs. Commence 'Assistant ESL Teacher' training on Saturday's lesson plan.

1600 hrs. Bicycle ride around the village.



1800 hrs. Set Thai Style dinner.

1900 hrs. Discussion on Intelligent Playgrounds and their use.

2000 hrs. Relax before retiring to bed.



0730 hrs. Breakfast.

0900 hrs. Students arrive and Start Lesson 1. (includes breaks.)

1130 hrs. End of morning session.



1200 hrs. Lunch (with students)

1300 hrs. Start Lesson 2. (includes breaks.)

1530 hrs. End of lessons.

1600 hrs. Debrief and issue of certificates.

1630 hrs. Those on the short programme check out, say their goodbyes, and depart by minibus for Chiang Mai.

Those staying commence a 2hr Thai cooking course - and prepare dinner for the group.



1800 hrs.  Dinner - Volunteer prepared and cooked multi-dish Thai dinner.

1900 hrs. Talk by visiting local expert (education, environment, responsible tourism etc.)

2030 hrs. Relax and retire to bed.



0730 hrs. Breakfast.

0830 hrs. A day out enjoying a number of the many attractions, activities on the Travel4Good Sanpatong Tourist Route. Lunch in a local restaurant.



1600 hrs. Return to the Sanpatong Farm Stay.

1630 hrs. Those taking the Intermediate Programme, check out, say their goodbyes and depart for Chiang Mai by minibus.



1800 hrs. Enjoy a set Thai style dinner prepared by our staff.

1900 hrs. Discussion on the group CS project - Small Scale Sustainable Agriculture or intelligent Playground based - dictated by funds raised, number of volunteers and priorities as determined by VWB.

2030 hrs. Relax and retire to bed.



0700 hrs. Cycle down to the temple to give alms & make merit.

0800 hrs. Breakfast.

0900 hrs. Depart for CS Project.

0930 hrs. Commence work on CS project.

1200 hrs. Picnic lunch on site.



1300 - 1500 hrs. Depending on project completion time. Thank you ceremony from recipient school.

Depart for the Sanpatong Farm Stay.

Those on the Full programme check out of the Sanpatong Farm Stay, board minibus to travel back to Chiang Mai.

1600 - 1800 hrs. Arrive back in Chiang Mai.


The VWB Community Service Projects (Read more / read less.)

Options will be selected from the CS & CSR Project Menu as determined by priority and the budget available from the donations made by the volunteers on the programme.

Enquiries & Programme Quotations (Read more / read less.)

Use the CGI based Enquiry & Quotations Form provided to enquire about joing a departure.

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