VOLUNTEERS WITHOUT BORDERS.org - Is the official website for the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation, (Reg. No. Chor Mor 353) based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

The primary objective of The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation is to develop a more equitable model for responsible tourism that puts (local) people over profits, protecting their futures, customs and culture against the negative impacts of mass or mainstream tourism.

Its collaborative operating model ensures that 100% of funding contributed by volunteers for specific VWB community service projects does just that (without any commissions levied on them.)

VWBs overheads and other expenses are funded exclusively by Track of the Tiger T.R.D., its tourism industry partners. In selected cases, skilled volunteers are subsidised by individual and corporate donors. 

Customised Volunteer Group Programmes

In addition to our standard 'fixed departure option' (designed around teaching English in the Sanpatong Saturday School) we offer clients with small groups of 4 or more participants the option of customising their own programmes, to suit their own preferences.

Such groups may choose to combine projects from the community service menu with courses listed under special interest travel, and or any of the outdoor activities conducted at or from the Sanpatong Experiential Education Facility.