VWB CS & CSR Projects with Track of the Tiger T.R.D.

Responsible Tourism Development

RTD 1&2.

We are currently developing The Responsible Tourism Alliance, a social enterprise driven online search and booking platform, designed to provide a support network for disenfranchised entrepreneurs seeking to gain access to the market and develop their local economies by using tourism as a catalyst.

VWB Volunteers are tasked to provide our entrepreneurs and communities with the following services aimed primarily at developing their online business profiles for upload to the RTA platform - a non-commission based search, booking and support system:

  • Copywriting,
  • Photography, video or graphic design skills.
  • Promotion & Marketing.
  • The Development of agroforestry and craft based non-tourism relaiant 2nd revenue skills,
    and are also able to share their expertise in the development of non-tourism reliant second revenue streams.


We offer RTA Business Partners skills-development workshops  - and welcome assistance from skilled volunteers in developing / delivering training workshops. These include: 

  • Managing Enquiries & Bookings via the RTA Local Agent.
  • Basic Business Management - (establishing revenue & expenditure projections.)
  • Business Operations Manual - Standard procedures for running your business (all staff roles and reports.)
  • Basic Financial & Operational Reporting (an RTA format designed to position the business for impact funding or crowdfunding support going forward.)
  • Local Business Regulations & Taxation.
  • Managing your business profile on the RTA database and marketing your business effectively on the site. 
  • Basic Hospitality Training.
  • RTA Best Practices (waste management, hygiene, safety, conservation and more) 
  • Cross-Cultural Challenges
  • English language learning for tourism.
  • 2nd Revenue Stream Generation (non-tourism reliant) options.

Who Can Get Involved:

  • VWB Volunterers - who have the skills and training to contribute to the task force and training roles as outlined.
  • Schools & Universities - providing groups or individual interns/postgraduate students to assist on a wide range of research based data gathering.
  • All Others - who are in a position to subsidise the costs of the volunteers and related expenses involved.

Management: Track of the Tiger T.R.D. & VWB Volunteers.
Recognition:   VWB Donors Logs