Donate to VWB Projects

Credibility & Transparency

Well aware that the credibility of the non-profit sector has been brought into question in recent times especially in terms of the use of donor funding to cover exorbitant management salaries and expenses, VWB has made a point of ensuring it has established best practices and transparent reporting for the benefit of our donors and supporters.

  • All admin, overheads, legal and promotion, and marketing costs, as well as management support (VWB has no salaried staff) are covered by Track of the Tiger T.R.D.
  • Where possible, VWB collaborates with tourism industry partners who use our projects as platforms for their own programmes, in a way that clearly and transparently separates the donor’s financial contribution to those projects from the operational costs (transport, accommodation, meals, supervision, etc.)
  • Donors are offered the opportunity to support specific projects in line with their interests.Our own priority is for funding to subsidise basic costs for suitably qualified volunteers engaged on medium to long-term specialized assignments.
  • Project operational reports will be made available online, and volunteers will report back to sponsors via their VWB blogs on a regularly.
  • An accounts summary – in a format that shows the revenue & expenditure for projects overall, and on a centre by centre basis will be provided online. 

Download our accounts summary here, our project costs breakdown here, our school projects here and our project records with MRVR here.