VWB Donors Logs

VWB - Core Sponsor Donation Log

The following ‘core sponsors’ donate to VWB’s Projects on a regular basis. The funds are allocated across (a) the agroforestry project. (b) the education related projects. (c) the sustainable agriculture projects – as needs dictate.

Track of the Tiger T.R.D. (Tourism Resources Development) is a founding partner of the Responsible Tourism Alliance. As the owner/operator of the SEEC (Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre) it designs and uses VWB projects as a platform for its community service, corporate social responsibility, environmental education and responsible tourism development programmes - for schools, universities and corporate and special interest travel groups. Their donations to these projects go direct to VWB. 

Together with VWB and the villagers of Ban Mae Lai, Amphur Mae On, Track of the Tiger T.R.D. won the SKAL Ecotourism Award 2006 for its development of the Pang Soong Nature Trails that allowed the Pang Soong Lodge to establish itself as an ESS & Biology teachers workshop venue for the IBO.

The Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre works closely with the VWB Foundation on rural schools and education development projects, which it uses as a platform for the community service projects funded and worked on by its client schools. It has recieved recognition from the Thai Minstry of Education for the contribution made to rural education. That contribution includes completing some 150 projects in 30 local schools at a cost of app. US$ 5.0 million over the past 15 years.

Its ‘Veggie Day’ project uses the funds saved in providing clients vegetarian as opposed to meat based meals on given days of the week in donations to VWB to be used for project funding.

Inner World Co., Ltd.

Stefanie Irl, the CEO of Inner World Co., Ltd. is donating a percentage of the profits from her coloring book “Magical Thailand - A Colorful Journey”- a wonderful coloring book for adults and children about Thailand’s meaningful culture and traditions. Coloring is used in the psychology domain as a therapy to reduce stress and anxiety. It also cultivates mindfulness, improves sleep, focus and mental clarity. 

Are you ready to explore your Inner World? Contact her at for more details.