VWB Donors Logs

VWB General Development Fund


The General Development Fund is in place for two important reasons:

1. To address shortfalls in funding for specific VWB projects when deemed important enough to do so in order to maximise the benefits to the communities we support.

  • Example: If we get to the tree planting season, and we need additional saplings/resources to complete a project within the planting widow available to us.)

2. To meet changing project priorities brought about by unforseen challenges such as COVID, weather events, or political unrest, and call for a change in focus whilst remaining true to our aims and objectives.

  • Example: If the traditional rural family breadwinners, laid of by COVID, return to their villages, we must prioritise support for projects like those under sustainable agriculture to ensure them of revenue to survive. 

Note* The VWB Donor Logs are under reconstruction at present and will be uploaded as soon as possible.